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What people are saying.

When I take on a project, large or small, I enjoy having the opportunity to contribute to its success. Whether my role is to spearhead a project or work behind the scenes, my commitment and enthusiasm are unwavering.

Please read for yourself what clients have to say.

“I have to tell you, in all my years of working with many people, I don’t ever remember working with anyone who responds like you. Really. You get back to me so quickly and your work is creative, professional and accurate. You leave me feeling like I am the only one you are doing work for and I know that can’t be true. Thanks again!”
—Linda Gillon, Lynnfield Historial Society
“Michelle is the very definition of indispensable service. I can't imaging what the Marketing department would be like without Michelle and I thank her for every single time she has ever came through for me.”
—Gavin Corey, Commonwealth Financial Network
“It has been my pleasure to work with Michelle Johnson as a layout artist for over 10 years, initially as an employee (when we were a much larger firm) and in recent years as an independent contractor. We depend on our partners because our reputation is at stake with all of the work they do. And we can always count on Michelle to make us look good. Her knowledge and experience, combined with her dependablity and flexibility make her an invaluable resource for TR Design. I could not recommend Michelle more highly for first rate layout and desktop production work.”
—Caroll Ray, President and Creative Strategist, TR Design, Inc.
“I have worked with Michelle for more than 10 years now. She is a personable, professional, flexible, dependable and a talented production artist. Michelle's greatest quality, however, is her ingenuity and can-do attitude. When faced with a challenge, she never backs away. She does what it takes to figure it out and deliver for the client. I always feel that Michelle is taking care of me and my clients. It's a rare quality that I fully admire and this asset has caused me to rely on Michelle's services.”
—Nancy Goulet, Designer, Principal, Studio Wink